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Get ready to toss your PID and elevate the way you medicate with Hex-Nail.

Sexy as the Boro next to it.

The Red Queen is worth showing off instead of hiding away.

Headed Home for the day?

Make sure your e-nail is ready to go as soon as you walk through the door.

WebApp = Complete Control

Control your entire Hex-Nail family from any device...anywhere.

Hardwood Top of your choice

Milled & Finished by hand in the USA


Long-Awaited Updates & 3-Rig *4/20* Giveaway

Triple Glass Giveaway We wanted to try and give something back to the folks who have stuck by us through our troubles of Round 2 so we will be d...
Round 2 Updates & Dab OS/2 for Skynet

Round 2 Updates & Dab OS/2 for Skynet

  I want to start by clarifying the hold up right now that are frustrated with delays: Coils. Our supplier has been essentially doing the same...
Hex-Nail Blog v2.0 Launch

Hex-Nail Blog v2.0 Launch

We're officially making the site blog the best place to get the latest news & info on your new favorite e-nail. Everything from the latest revi...

Skynet (HN-01) - Touchscreen

Customs Orders Start @ $599

CNC Milled

All production, front-to-back, in-house

American Sourced

Premium, Quarter-Sawn Hardwood


Sand. Oil. Repeat.