Dab OS/2 Setup



Initial Setup

  • Setting up your Hex-Nail starts with plugging in and powering up.

Plugging In

  1. With the power disconnected, connect your coil. Listen for a "click" to be sure it's all the way in.
  2. Make sure the switch is OFF, with the top sticking out.
  3. Connect the power, and flip the switch!
  4. In a few seconds, you'll see it start to blink while it boots up:
    • The blinking will become steady if it's Running and Connected, this is what you want to see.
    • Flashing Yellow means it's not connected and it's hotspot is active.
    • Violet means a an Update is installing, don't turn it off
    • Red means Error. Turn it off, dust off your torch, and let us know; we'll get you back up and running ASAP!

WiFi Setup

  • Connect to your Hex-Nail's hotspot to set it up on your WiFi network.
  • Hex-Nails broadcast their own WiFi network when they're new or can't connect.
  • Once you see it start blinking yellow:
  1. Connect to your Hex-Nail's WiFi from your phone, it will be your device ID plus "--AP"
  2. Browse to either https://local-ap.hn-connect.net:8443, or

Note: Android users will likely find the second URL to work better, and may have to disable mobile data to access either URL.

Note: If you see a message saying that the WiFi network doesn't have internet access, choose to stay connected.

  1. Once the WiFi Setup page comes up, pick your network from the select list, type the passphrase, and tap ‘Connect’
  2. If you see a message stating that the Hex-Nail connected successfully, awesome! Otherwise, if you see an error message or get disconnected from the hotspot WiFi, it still might have worked. (The connection handoff can be finicky depending on your router, etc.)
  3. Restart your Hex-Nail by flipping the switch off and back on again. The light ring will be a further indication of whether the connection was successful, if it stays solid cyan, you're all set; otherwise, flashing yellow means something went wrong, and you'll have to try again.

If it doesn't seem to want to connect after a couple of failed attempts, make sure you're close enough to your router or modem. If you're feeling technical or brave, you can view the network and system logs behind the Advanced Settings button.

You can always shoot us an email at support@hex-nail.com with questions or issues.

Load up the App

Our native apps will be released in the upcoming weeks, but in the meantime the exact same functionality is available through our Web App, hosted at https://app.hex-nail.com.

  • Navigate to the above URL
  • You can "install" the Web App onto your phone just like any other app, and will even work while without internet access.
    • On Android devices, using Chrome, click the menu icon and select "Add to Home Screen"
    • On iOS devices, using Safari, click the share icon and select "Add to Home Screen"
    • You should now see the Hex-Nail app icon in your launcher or with the rest of your apps.

App Walkthrough

Alright, time for the fun stuff! Let's go through the app section by section:

Devices Page

The devices page is the first stop for new Hex-Nail owners, and lists all the Hex-Nails on your local network or connected to your user account.

  • Set your Hex-Nail as default by tapping it's menu icon, and then "Set Default"
    • This tells the app to connect to your Hex-Nail automatically when you open it
  • Connect to any listed device by tapping it, and can see the connection status at the top right of the screen.

NOTE: If you don't see your new Hex-Nail after just setting it up, wait a few minutes. The initial config and mapping can take up to 20 minutes depending on your network and router.

Dashboard Page

The dashboard is the main interface for controlling the core functionality of your Hex-Nail.

  • What do all of these numbers mean? We call these the Vitals:

    • The Coil Temp, the measured internal temp of the connected coil
    • The Setpoint (or Target temp)
    • The Nail Temp, the predicted mean surface temperature of the equipped nail
    • and, the Duty Cycle, represented as a percentage of the control cycle during which the Solid-State Relay is active_
      • For example, 40% means it's ON for 400ms and then OFF for 600ms
  • Heater On/Off Button

    • This is a sort of "soft-power" button that doesn't turn off your Hex-Nail, just the heating coil and relay.
  • Presets

    • These are customizable buttons providing immediate access to your preferred setpoints or modes
    • Tap once to activate, and tap again to cancel any preset that runs with a timer (this includes glob, uptemp,and clean)
  • Temperature Controller Chart

    • Swipe the whole presets section from left to right to access a streaming, real-time chart displaying the vital controller stats. Swiping right to left brings you back to the presets.
    • The series and their associated colors are as follows:
      • Power / Duty Cycle = Green
      • Setpoint / Target Temp = Dashed Blue
      • Coil Temp = Red
      • Nail Temp = Yellow

Awesome! Let's dive into the buttons on the bottom of the screen!

  • Equipment Tab

    • Selecting your specific setup maximizes temperature stability and accuracy based on thermodynamic analysis performed on every supported configuration.
    • Specify your coil by tapping Coil
    • Specify your nail by tapping Nail
      • The nails named: Standard Light, Med, Heavy are generalized tunings which accommodate unprofiled hardware.
    • The chart at the top shows the temperature difference between the coil and nail while at Steady-State, with three relative thermal properties shown below.
  • Preset Tab

  • Here on the Preset Tab, click the title row to edit each of the presets.

    • Tapping the Preset Type allows you to change it to one of:
      • Setpoint = Desired / Target Temperature
      • Shift, which turns into either Glob or Uptemp depending on whether the Temp setting is positive or negative.
        • ("Glob": provides a boost of power for going into a larger dab, sustaining the desired temperature throughout.)
        • ("Up-Temp": Drops by the delta Temperature units specified and ramps back to the setpoint.)
      • Clean = Temporarily shift to a more extreme High or Low temp for a longer period of time (to facilitate the cleaning of your nail, dish, or banger).
    • You can adjust the temperature and time parameters by dragging their sliders; each type has unique range limits and steps according to it's intent.
  • Tuning Editor

    • The Tuning Tab is geared towards advanced users, but exposes control previously unavailable in most PID E-Nails.
    • The sliders represent the parameters used by the temperature controller, and are specific to the CURRENTLY EQUIPPED NAIL.
    • PID-Based Temperature Control is a fundamental part of Process Control Theory and Control Engineering; if you're curious or want to know more, check out the PID Controller article on Wikipedia, or download the fantastic paper titled "PID wihthout a PhD", by Tim Wescott of Wescott Design Services.
    • Each slider allows you to override specific variables governing the temperature control algorithm with the goal of maintaining a stable temperature over time, quick recovery after a dab, and a short settling time when it first heats up.
      • You might want to tweak these values if you find that your nail isn't performing adequately or is unsupported, or if you want to fine-tune the controller response, such as increasing the recovery time after you drop the inevitably drop the temperature with a fat dab.
    • One of Four States is shown at the top:
      • DEFAULT = This is the Factory-Default Tuning we've determined, both theoretically and experimentally found to be effective by our team
      • TEMPORARY = This means the current values differ from the default, and will not be saved when either A) the equipped nail is changed, or B) when you turn off your Hex-Nail.
      • OVERRIDDEN = Means the current values differ from the default, but they are saved and will persist between reboots.
      • OVERRIDDEN+TEMP = You'll see this mainly when your tearing your hair out trying to perfect a fresh tuning. The saved values overriding the defaults are further overridden by temporary values which have not been saved.

Settings Page

  • Software Versions and Updates
    • View the Current Software Version as well as the Latest
    • If the latest version is greater than the current version:
      • You can see the release notes by clicking the Changelog View button
      • You can install the latest version by clicking Install
      • Software/Firmware updates are free forever
  • WiFi Configuration -> This will take you back to the same WiFi config page we saw during initial setup.
  • Light Ring -> On/Off toggle, when off will disable the light unless there's an error
  • SSE Compensator - You can try enabling this if the temperature is significantly too high or or too low (possible causes being unusually cold or warm environments, very dirty mains power or interference). Enabling this increases the freedom or range the process controller is allowed to operate within, potentially correcting for more extreme imbalances but can also lead to much worse performance if it's not needed, which is why it's off by default.

Registration Form

  • User Accounts are secure, free, and anonymous (providing your email address is optional).
  • You'll need an account in order to access:
    • Dab Logging
    • Remote Access (from outside your local WiFi)
    • Usage Insights [Coming Soon]
    • Master/Slave Control allowing the operation of multiple Hex-Nails from a single base station [Coming Soon]

When a new user account is created, you'll be taken to the login form to log in.

Login Form

  • This is just your typical user login form, nothing fancy.
    • After a successful login, you'll be taken to the dashboard or devices page depending on your settings.

Dab Logger (Dashboard)

  • Clicking the Token-looking icon under the presets will open a modal menu, providing access to the following:
  • Dab Log Details Form, allowing you to specify the:
    • Strain (default is Super Silver Haze)
    • Strain Type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or CBD)
    • Dab/Product Type (the consistency or mode of the product itself)
    • Dab Size (with both objective and subjective measurements)
  • Log Dab = This button immediately saves a new dab to your log using the details from the form as well as the controller temperatures and equipment.
  • The initial and current release has a bug in the pop-up toast notification which sometimes prevents the "Dab Logged Successfully" message from appearing. This will be fixed in the next release.

Let's go to the Log page where we can view all the recorded dabs.

Log Page

  • All of the dabs you've logged can be seen, edited, and deleted from this page.
  • Expand (and collapse) the details of a specific log entry by tapping the top or the arrow icon.
  • To edit, tap the pencil icon, and you'll see the same form from the Dab Logger on the Dashboard.
  • Clicking the download icon will create a screenshot of just that dab entry and download it as an image (the native apps also allow direct posting to Instagram, et al)
  • A Date Range Filter will be added shortly, along with drill-down and summary views through your dabbing history, including Interactive Charts and Visualizations [Coming Soon]

Profile Page

  • Very very basic at the moment, mostly serving as a placeholder.
  • Basic Stats are shown above the monthly dab summary visualization.
  • Personal Insights will appear here and continue to expand [Coming Soon]

Support and FAQs

Support Slide

  • Should you have a question, or have something go wrong, you can reach us though one of these channels:
    • We're "hexnail" on instagram
    • "hexenail" on facebook
    • and as always "support@hex-nail.com", don't be shy.


  • Stay Tuned! Seriously, there's a ton more exciting features still to come!
  • HN-01 models upgraded to v2.0 will have complete support- and feature-parity, with the new universal interface accessible via their touch screen.
  • Check out our site and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!
  • Don't hesitate to hit us up with questions, ideas, or custom requests!
  • Tell us what you'd like to see!